Product Customization: Overview

#Product Customization Overview

Product customization is the process by which we allow shoppers to customize products that they purchase at a web store and pass down this information to the retailer at their POS system. This process can be set up to charge shoppers for the customization.
The system allows the shopper to add an item to their basket multiple times, each time with a different customization. An example use case for this is a shopper ordering 15 medals with a different name on each.

We do this by:

  1. Presenting a product customization interface on product pages;
  2. Passing the information entered in the product page to the POS using the RMS product_comment field;
  3. Adding special tag-along items to the item being customized. By pricing these tag-along items at 0.01 each and adding a certain quantity of these tag along items we can the shopper for the customization;
  4. Allowing the retailer to define the customization that the shopper can enter at the POS by entering codes into NSc PAM;

##How to set this up
This feature is potentially quite complicated, particularly on stores that have been heavily customized. As such we require that it is implemented with NitroSell help. Setting up this feature is typically charged a half-day implementation.

##What the Shopper Sees
This is an example of what the shopper sees on a product page. In this case the retailer has defined 6 text fields, the first of which can take 60 characters, the other fields can take 25 characters:

This is an example of what the shopper sees on the basket page, each customized item is presented as a line describing the shoppers selection.

What the Retailer Sees at the POS