Product Customization: The LineCost Field

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##Overview of the LineCost Field
This is a NSc PAM field created to set the cost of the options displayed to the shopper on a product page on the web store. Costs can be assigned to form fields in three different ways:

  • Option A Set a cost for inputting anything into a field (or making the field free);
  • Option B Set a cost per character input into a text field;
  • Option C Ask the store to evaluate a number input and add that to the price (useful for donations);

The cost if a cost measured in a number of Customization items added to the basket for that customization. The actual price paid for this customization is determined by the price you set the customization item. We strongly advise that you set the price of the customization item to 0.01 as this makes everything much easier to figure out.

Post September 2015 you can now set the price of customization in units of your tagalong item rather than in cents/pennies. You need to enable an option as described here. With this option enabled the cost of a customization is the number you add to PAM for a field * unit cost of the tagalong item.

##Rules Governing the LineCost field

  1. The field is a comma separated string where each comma separated value will correspond to a value or code that allows the store to calculate the cost of this form input;
  2. The number of comma separated entries in LineCost must match the number of entries in LineDetail and LineTitle;
  3. For Option A enter an integer representing the cost of adding anything to this input field. It is permissible to set a cost of 0 for this value.
    For dropdowns and radio buttons (options with leading ‘r’ and ‘m’):
  • You can add free options with custom names like “Free”, “Standard” etc., you just have to assign 0 price to it.

  • If you use “None” as first option don’t assign 0 in price field.

  • You can use pattern like: 1000-2000-3000 or 0-100-200 etc. to assign price to specific option. Remember to set number of prices equal to number of options. Otherwise it will not throw error but take first available price!

  1. For Option B add the string evaluate-charcost-## where ## is the number of customization items that will be added per character entered into the text input;

  2. For Option C add the string evaluate-inputvalue. The store will multiply the value in the number input by 100 and add that number of customization items to the basket;

  3. It is not permissible to leave an option empty;
    ##How to Set a cost for Customization
    The cost of a customization depends on two factors:

  4. The cost of the tag-along item. It is strongly recommended that this be set to a unit cost of 0.01cents or pennies.

  5. The number of tag along items associated with an item by LineCost;