Product Customization: Setting It Up

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##Setting up Overview
Customization is made up of options. These options can be a line of text, a field from a drop down menu, a boolean or various other possibilities that are set out in the article on LineDetail;
Each option must be defined in LineDetail, given a price in LineCost and given a title in LineTitle. This is done by creating a comma separated string in NSc PAM, each comma separated value referring to an option on the front end, and passing this to the web store using NSc Sync.
##In Detail

  1. The retailer has to set up a customization product at their POS; This means creating an item with an ItemNumber or LookupCode of “customization”. The name should be “Product Customization”. It should not be an inventory item. It should not be in a department or category. It must be set to WebItem=True.
  2. The retailer has to set up four fields in PAM:
  1. Map these PAM fields into spare product_weblinxcustom[number|text] fields;
  2. Enable product customization on WSM and map the weblinxcustom fields passed up;
  3. Ensure that the templates contain the product customization code;