Product Customization: Product Page & Buy Panel Template

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##Product Page & Buy Panel Template
###What the Buy Panel Template Does
The Buy Panel template creates the portion of the product page where the shopper sees product stock level and the add to basket buttons. Where the product is out of stock a store defined message might be presented here.
###Buy Panel

  • Pre October 2014 the product customization code was carefully integrated into the Buy Panel template which is called from the Product Page template.
  • Post October 2014 we now have a simple switch on the Product Page template. If a product is customizable we now call the Buy Customizable Product Panel template rather then the Buy Panel template.

On stores that had modified their Buy Panel it was proving very difficult to re-insert the product customization code. This is entirely avoided now by having the code in a separate template. On stores that have heavily modified their Buy Panel it is now possible to use the product customization by using the tag > {include:panelBuyCustomizableProduct} in the Product Page template.
###New Code for the ProductPage Template
In existing Product Page templates the code that included the {include:panelBuyProduct} is to be replaced with this code.

{if (pageproperty['productcustomization'])}

###The New Buy Customizable Product Panel Template
This panel is a stripped down version of the Buy Panel template with alloptions that are not compatible with product customization removed (AJAX add to basket).

Due to restrictions on what can be added to the forum, this panel is not displayed here. See the edit templates link in your web store manager.

###Amending and Existing Store
To amend an existing store the {include:panelBuyProduct} code should be replaced with the code above.