Product Customization: Mini Basket Template

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##The Mini Basket Template
The mini basket template is used in by the checkout page to display a reduced version of the shoppers cart.
###How to modify it for Product Customization
When product customization is on, we don’t want to display the quantity of tag-along customization items as it can confuse. As such, the following code is used for the {nsIf:hasTagAlongItem}

    {forevery 2}
      <tr class="basketlist-row2">
      <tr class="basketlist-row1">
        <td class="basketlist-col1 small-text">{tagalongitem['product_name']}{if (pageproperty['productcustomization'])}{basketitem['comment']}{endIf}</td>
        {if (pageproperty['productcustomization'])}
          <td class="basketlist-col2"></td>
          <td class="basketlist-col2">{tagalongitem['amount']}</td>
        <td class="basketlist-col3" align="right" nowrap="nowrap">{formatPrice(tagalongitem['total'])}</td>

It simply doesn’t display {tagalongitem[‘amount’]} for tag along items when product customization is enabled.