Product Customization: Use Tagalong Item to set PC Price

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Option: SetPriceUsingTagalong

There is an option in the WSM that allows you to charge for product customization in units of tagalong item rather than in cents/pennies.

When you use product customization to allow the customization of a product you enter the cost of the customization into a field in PAM. Up to now the system assumed that the cost you entered into PAM was a cents/pennies. Setting the tagalong to cost something else would result in funny numbers being reported to the client (even though the resulting total would always be correct).

Enabling the Option

This new option allows you to price the customization in units of your tagalong item. This change allows you to set the price of the tagalong item to whatever you want and the cost of the customization on the product page will correctly reflect the cost of the customization.

Updating Templates

This option will require you to revert your product customization template. If you have edit template privileges then this is an easy 3 step process:

  • Open your WSM to the Edit Templates page (2nd Item in Design & Content);
  • Select the Buy Customizable Product Panel from the drop down (1. in the image);
  • Click the Revert Data button (3. in the image);

When you do this successfully you will notice that the js file include at 2. will disappear.