Product Customization: The LineTitle Field

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##Overview of the LineTitle Field
This field is a PAM field created on NSc PAM to take the name of the options displayed to the shopper on a product page on the web store.
##Rules Governing the LineTitle field

  1. The field is a comma separated string where each value will correspond to the displayed title of an option on the front end.
  2. The title of each option should only contain letters, numbers and underscores. It must not contain spaces, commas, slashes, question marks, greater than or lesser than symbols. Use underscore for spaces.
  3. In the example shown below the retailer created a string for this item like so:
  4. Note that there are no spaces in the line, the spaces were replaced with _;
  5. The number of entries in the string matches the number of entries in LineDetail and LineCost;