Product Customization: Amending the Templates

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##Templates Effected by Product Customization
The following templates are affected by product customization:

  1. The Cart Panel
  2. The Product Page and Buy Panels
  3. The Basket Panel
  4. The Mini Basket Panel
  5. Where are store has been through the hands of a designer you will often find that the templates have been heavily modified and are missing code that is required for product customization to work.
  6. Where a store is old and had its templates compiled before product customization existed, their templates will be missing the code required to make product customization work.

How to Deal with these Situations

Since October 2014 the code for product customization has been grouped and delineated in such a way that it should be possible to insert into existing stores. Each template that is affected by product customization has its own post that describes what needs inserted and where the code is to be inserted:


  • Where a shopper customizes and item, goes to the basket page and returns to the product page and finds the details of their customization not present then the cause is most likely a missing cart panel or cart panel missing the product customization code. This is the tool used to return the product customization information to the product page.
  • Where Customization x ## (where ## is a number) appears in the cart panel, it is because the part of code that stops tag along items being displayed in the cart panel is missing.
  • Where numbers appear in your customization title fields it is because you have incorrectly mapped which product_weblinkcustom fields have which information. This can be fixed by mapping different options in the Product Customization page in the WSM.