Loyalty 402 Shipping Discounts

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Shipping Discounts

It is possible set up discounts to shipping through the bLoyal interface. When your web store page updates, the shipping total for the selected shipping method is passed to bLoyal. Any discounts that may accrue to the shopper is then passed back to the checkout where it is displayed as a shipping discount in the loyalty and basket panels.

In this example we are triggering the shipping discount by means of a coupon but this could equally be triggered by the amount of loyalty points a shopper has or the size of their basket.

Passing Shipping Discounts to the POS

Unlike item and basket level discounts, shipping discounts are passed to the POS in the web order already discounted as the bLoyal POS connector is unable to effect the shipping charge in RMS. The end result is that the shopper will pay the same amount as is tendered at the POS.

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