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Types of Loyalty Discount

Various benefits can be passed from the bLoyal engine to NitroSell. These include:

Ways of Delivering Discounts

bLoyal is passed the basket when the checkout page is calculated. You can have discounts trigger because of:

  • Particular items being in the basket;
  • The value of the basket;
  • The number of points a customer has;
  • A loyalty coupon code that the shopper enters into the checkout loyalty panel;

The only active way a shopper can trigger a discount is to enter a coupon code, all other discounts are delivered automatically because of the number of points a shopper has or because of their basket.

Loyalty and Tax Integration

If you use a third party tax integration (TaxCloud or Avalara) you might find, that due to the way that tax is calculated, that the order total that you tender on your POS is out by a cent/ penny due to an unavoidable rounding error.

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