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Loyalty Coupons

bLoyal Coupons and NitroSell Coupons

bLoyal coupons and NitroSell Web Promotions cannot be activated at the same time on your store. You must select which you are going to use.

Enabling Loyalty Coupons

It is necessary to switch on loyalty coupons in the WSM interface. Go to the Settings menu, select the Checkout tab and pick Enable loyalty coupons. You will have to select a magic box that the coupon is stored in. This is the box the bLoyal POS Connector will look in for the coupon code. The default value is 4.

If you change the default value, you’ll also have to adjust the Coupon Code entry in the bLoyal POS Connector Configuration window.

The Checkout

The loyalty panel has an input that will take a loyalty coupon.

When a coupon is entered into the loyalty input, bLoyal is passed the coupon where it calcuates any discounts due to the shopper. In the example below I set up a loyalty coupon called TEST which results in 50% off the price of an order.

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