Loyalty 200 How Loyalty Changes your Web Store

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How Loyalty Changes your Web Store

The Customer Account details Page

If loyalty is switched on then the customer account page gets an extra section called loyalty. The fields are read-only, the user can’t change any of the values.


When an existing customer logs into your web store, the store will look the customer up on bLoyal and determine if they have any loyalty points. This will then be visible to the customer when they go to the checkout.

Customer Information on the Checkout

The checkout will differ depending on whether the shopper has logged in before they go to the checkout. If they are logged in, the loyalty panel will display any loyalty points that they have.

If the shopper hasn’t logged in when they arrive at the checkout page, the loyalty panel will display a message (that can be modified using the store NitroScriptable templates) suggesting that the shopper log in to avail of loyalty discounts.

When a non-logged in shopper fills out their details in the checkout, the store will try to find the customer on bLoyal. If successful the shoppers loyalty point total will update otherwise the store will create a new customer record on bLoyal.

Loyalty Panel on the Checkout

If a shopper is logged in, the store sends the basket of goods to bLoyal to determine if this shopper should avail of any discounts. Any discounts that are due to that shopper will be displayed both in the loyalty panel and the basket panel.

In this example, all members of a loyalty scheme get $5.00 off shipping costs.

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