Loyalty 102 Install the bLoyal Software

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Install the bLoyal Software

bLoyal provides two pieces of software.

  1. The bLoyal Store Connector which goes on the machine with RMS Store Manager. This uploads your customer and inventory data to the bLoyal Director, the bLoyal version of the Web store manager. It is the bLoyal equivalent of Nsc Sync;
  2. The bLoyal POS Connector which goes on the machine with RMS POS. This hooks into what the POS operator does in a similar way to Nsc Get Web Orders;

Once Installed

Once the Store Connector is installed any customers you already have in your RMS system will be uploaded to the bLoyal servers. NitroSell will query these servers when shoppers log into your web store to see if the shopper has any loyalty points or rewards due to them.

Once the POS Connector is installed on your POS you will be able to look up your customer on the bLoyal servers to see if they are due any rewards in the same way that NitroSell does. This step is automatically called every time you tender an order.

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