Loyalty 103 Create your Loyalty Scheme

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Create your Loyalty Scheme

The best person to design a loyalty scheme is the person running the store. We can, however, highlight how the integration works which in turn might direct how you set up your loyalty scheme.

In bLoyal you create discounts as described below. These are grouped into Schemes. Customers are then assigned to Subscriber Groups which in turn can benefit from schemes.

In your Bricks-and-Mortar Store and your Web Store

Because NitroSell and bLoyal are both integrated products, that is, usable both on-line and at the till. the loyalty programme you design can incorporate rewards that can be given at the POS and on-line.

Sign on Rewards

You can give sign-on loyalty points that are granted to new customers when they sign up either on line or in store.

Coupon Rewards

You can issue customer with bLoyal coupon codes (NOT Nsc Web Promotions) which they can enter into the coupon code box in the checkout. These coupons can offer order level discounts to shoppers.

Loyalty Points Rewards

You can set a reward to trigger once a shoppers loyalty points have climbed to a certain level. On the checkout page, we send the basket and the customer to bLoyal who will calculate if any discounts due to loyalty are due. If so the Nsc checkout will change to reflect these loyalty discounts.

RMS Discounts

Because the loyalty discounts work on the same part of the platform as the RMS discounts you cannot mix and match discounts. Once you start using the extensive set of discounts that bLoyal provide through their interface you will need to stop using native RMS discounts (mix and match, X for Y, etc).

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