eBay integration for NitroSell eCommerce

eBay for NitroSell eCommerce is a paid add-on that makes it easy to connect your point-of-sale system to eBay Marketplace, to upload and maintain item data automatically, and to handle eBay orders directly from your POS. (It can also be purchased as a standalone service without a NitroSell webstore.)

This integration allows you to push products to eBay from your POS system in the same way that you push products to your Web Store. We have set the integration up to mimic the processes you currently use for your webstore. Your POS system, with a little help from PAM, remains the source of all your data.

We use the WebStore Manager to give you more control over the flow of information, but in essence, you will push your products, stock, price and various other fields to eBay using the familiar tools of NSc PAM and NSc Sync. In the same way, any orders generated on your eBay store will flow back to your POS via the same familiar routes of NSc Sync and GetWebOrders.

We have organized the eBay posts into series of related topics.

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