eBay 100: Getting Started

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We have a comprehensive series of articles to get you integrated. The 100 series will get you through the first part of the set up - getting your credentials from eBay, entering them into the NitroSell WebStore Manager and deciding on how you want to handle your eBay orders.

Step 1. Sign up with eBay for a Professional Seller Account
The integration uses oAuth protocol to authenticate to eBay servers.

Step 2. Enter your credentials into the eBay setup wizard

Now that you are signed up with eBay you should have various pass-phrases and keys. With these keys handy, open up your WebStore Manager. The eBay integration is found at the top level between Marketing and Design as shown in the next picture.

When you first open the eBay integration, you will be presented with an eBay Set-up Wizard. This wizard will be presented to you until you have successfully finished the wizard.

The credentials that you need for this wizard can be found here