eBay 202. eBay Aspect mappings

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Aspects are characteristics of an item in a category. For example, “Shoes Size” or “Style” might be aspects of the Men’s Shoes category, while “Genre” and “Album Type” could be aspects of the Music CDs category. Their main purpose is to provide extra information to your buyer in a bid to make it easier for your buyers to find them.

Each aspect name has a maximum of 40 characters and its value 50 characters. Aspects are specified in your profile mapping interface. Aspects are specified on a per-product basis as well as on your matrix configuration.

The next figure shows an aspect page that is seen while editing a profile.

In this case, the retailer would like to specify aspects for items to be listed under the Blanklet profile. Having clicked on the Choose Aspects link, the list of aspects for the chosen eBay category is rendered in the drop-down and shown in the following figure.

The list of aspects are dynamically rendered and depend on the eBay category where products are to be listed. In this figure, we can see the list of possible aspects to be specified for items that are to be published in the Blankets & Throws eBay category. Having chosen an aspect, the interface will state whether the aspect is required.

In any case, items will not be listed if they contain empty value in their aspects. For, in the previous figure, any item with no brand or color will not be listed.