eBay 300. Templates

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In the Templates tab you can edit or create templates that will be displayed to customers on eBay. Let’s go through all elements in this tab.

  • Editor window

The editor that you will see on this tab (1) is the same as on other Webstore Manager tabs and follows the same rules. You are able to use NitroScript variables that are listed at the beginning of template, standard HTML or CSS. Please remember that you are not allowed to use any JavaScript in here as it’s forbidden by eBay and may cause errors while pushing items to eBay.

  • Create new template

You can create a new template for your products (2). Just type the name for your new template and click the Create button. The new template will be automatically loaded. The template will be initialized as the NitroSell default template.

  • List of available templates

In this section (3, 8) you will see all templates that were created for your webstore. Initially you will have only the Default template. You can switch between templates by clicking on the links in this section. You can also create new custom templates yourself or get one from our design team, for more details ask support.

  • Template preview

Here (4) you can see a preview of your eBay offer. This preview will take one product from your website to as a sample to display the content. If you wish to see a preview for a specific item you can see it on inventory tab, Action -> preview.

Please note that eBay limits length of template to 50 000 characters including product’s description. At the bottom of the preview window (9) you can see the total number of characters.

  • Delete template

The Delete button (7) allows you to delete a template that was previously created. When editing the Default template this button will switch to Revert Default Template. “Revert” restores the Default template to its original state.

  • Save Changes

This button (6) allows you to save changes made to the current template and make them visible for all products assigned.