eBay 605. Publishing and Unpublishing items to/from eBay

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Publishing and unpublishing items is one of the most important tasks you can perform on the inventory page. We described the possible item statuses here

  1. Publishing items
    The process is the same for matrix items or non matrix items. It is initiated by either clicking on the READY button or Save and Push all to ebay.

The first time, you list an item, the applicable listing fees will be shown in a modal window. Once you agreed with it then the listing process can continue and if successful, the new item status will be PUBLISHED and a link to the live listing will be provided.

Hint: Listing fees will only be provided when all the item data was provided during its creation. For instance, missing aspect data will result in errors and therefore no listing fees will be shown.

  1. Unpublishing items
    You may wish to delist an item for example if you have discontinued the item. This can be done by simply clicking on the PUBLISHED button. The following screenshot will be displayed and once you have accepted it, the new status of the item will be UNPUBLISHED and the listing on eBay will no longer be active. To list it again, you just need to click on the UNPUBLISHED button again.

Please note that this process works similarly for both matrix and non-matrix items.