eBay 601. Inventory Status

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On the inventory page, the status of each item is shown in the last column of the table as shown in the next figure.

The status can either be PUBLISHED as seen in the figure, ERRORS, READY, UNPUBLISHED
When the item is currently listed on eBay, its status is PUBLISHED and under the button, you can find the link to the live listing.

The READY status means that the item record has been successfully created on eBay and your item is ready to be listed on eBay. We covered this task here

Another possible status is ERRORS which indicates items for which there were errors during the creation of their records to eBay. This can happen for a plethora of reasons and the most common case is bad data. This class of of status is shown in the next figure.

By clicking on the link underneath the ERRORS button, the retailer can see the actual errors. Our outstanding Customer Support Team is always available to help retailers solve these issues.

The UNPUBLISHED status denotes items that have been delisted by the retailer for whatever reason. This process was documented here.