Providing Shipping Information in the Order History Page

The order history page is a priceless source of information to your customers as it details all the information related to orders placed by them. It is therefore of paramount important to disclose as much information about orders as possible. Providing more information about the shipping method used to deliver the order clearly increase customers’ trust and satisfaction.

Thanks to our recent release, having processed an order, it is now possible to include some details about the shipment of the order to your customers. This includes the shipping tracking number and the shipping carrier that were used to ship the order.

In order to avail of this feature, you first need to pull the WebOrder at your point-of-sale. Next, you should press Shift-F1 (RMS only) and a pop-up window which allows you to provide the shipping details of the order will be displayed. This pop-up is illustrated in the following picture:

Having entered the shipping information as requested, hit the OK button. Tender the order by press the F12 button or just click on the Tender button. Upon completion, the information is now available for your customer to be viewed at the order history page. It is depicted here:

You will notice that when no order history was provided, the word N/A was used. If the user clicks on an order with shipping tracking number, he/she will get the following screenshot:

There are few points worth mentioning before concluding this post:

  • The link associated to the tracking number is a Google Search with the tracking number as the query of the search;

  • This feature is only currently available in our Beta channel;

  • This feature is also limited to RMS Store Ops, RMS HQ, and pcAmerica Cash Register Express (CRE). Unfortunately, RMS POS V3 and TheGeneralStore are not yet supported.

Finally, advanced users can actually use this technique to provide the shipping information to their customers using the order processed template emails. Describing this approach is outside the scope of this post.

For our Amazon Integration users, this is currently the only way to automatically provide the shipping information to Amazon when you fulfil one of their orders. For more information about this process, the reader can refer to our dedicated blog post


We’re currently using POS RMS Dynamic V2 2012. We’ve been moved to beta - however the tracking is not included. Could this be because our POS is v2?

Hi Jon

Not it’s not related to your version of RMS. However it is possibly related to your version of Nsc Sync. Would you mind upgrading to the latest version of Nsc Sync - Here’s a video which should help with that if you need it


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Is this possible for RMH?


RMH has changed how tracking numbers work but we can update your mappings to show transactions on the customers’ order history and send tracking numbers in the email.
Please open up a new ticket on our portal so the support team can update your mappings.



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