The View Order Listing Page

View Orders Index Page

View Orders Listing Page

To Navigate to View Orders, you will find it at the bottom of the ‘Payments’ tab in your WSM

The view orders listing page gives you an overview of your orders. From here you can get a quick overview of orders and carry out some simple tasks.

The page is divided into 5 parts:

  1. The filter bar allowing you to select which orders you would like to see;
  2. The tab navigation bar that allows you to see orders that you have pinned for easy access;
  3. Actions that can be carried out on a group of orders;
  4. The orders selected by the filters;
  5. A pagination bar allowing you to move through the orders that you have selected;

1 The Filter Bar

This section allows you to determine which orders you can see displayed.

  • At its simplest you can use this to enter an order number and that order will be displayed for you.
  • You can search for an order containing a known string, for example the name of a customer;
  • You can limit your search to web store orders only or Amazon orders. If you set this drop down to Amazon then you can enter an Amazon order number into the first box to search for a specific Amazon order;

Then there are more advanced filters hidden by the Advanced Filters toggle button.

  • You can limit the orders returned to the those in the last 7 days, 14 days or 30 days;
  • You can filter by order status;
  • You can sort the returned orders on a specific order;

2 The Navigation Bar

This bar will allow you to return to the order listing page (this page) from an order detail page. It will also allow you to quickly navigate to a pinned order (see #4.2).

3 Group Actions

To use:

  • Check the orders that you want to include in your group action;
  • Select the group action from the drop down;
  • Click the go button;

Currently it is possible to print out a picklist in two different formats:

4 Order Listing

The orders selected by the filters (#1 above) are displayed here. Each order has a certain amount of information displayed that should allow you to carry out most of what you need to do.

4.1 Link to Order Details

By clicking on the WebOrder #12345678 in each order or on the View Order Button you will be brought to the order details page.

4.2 Order Actions

These buttons allow you to do various tasks:

  • Save Link: this copies a link to your computer clipboard that you can then paste into a ticket or into a browser address bar. This can be useful if you need to link an order in a ticket that you think would clarify your ticket.
  • Pin Order: this buttons adds this order to the navigation bar (#2 above) for quick access. If you pin an order then change the filters the order will still be accessible even if the order is now longer visible in the order listing.
  • View Order: this button displays the order details;
  • Packing Slip: this button prints out a packing slip for this order. Sample Packing Slip;

5 Pagination controls

When you are busy and have lots of orders these controls allow you to page through the orders in the standard way.

@james_mcging - Hi James. As an extension to this functionality I wonder if it wouldn’t be beneficial to also show voucher and coupon redemption in the order details page? At the moment we need to continually refer to the copy of the confirmation email to verify if discounts have been applied to a sale which is rather an annoying process and quite time consuming.


I have added it to the ticket that keeps track of all the improvements people have suggested for the order page. When we next iterate on that page it will be in the mix for being added.

Thanks for the suggestion

Great. Thanks for the reply.


an order with a web coupon now has the web coupon name in the order details tab.


I do not see a View Orders option under payments in WSM. Is there something I need to do to get that option?


at this moment (Nov 2015) this feature is only available on the beta branch. If you would like moved to the beta branch to avail of this and other new functionality please open a ticket requesting that your store be moved to beta.