Need some way of matching web orders to amazon orders

Hi again

This was a very busy last few days with items selling like hotcakes on Amazon (thank you for that by the way). However, we do have a little logistics problem and that is when we have 32 Amazon seller notifications and 32 web orders all for the same product, there is no way to match up our web orders to the amazon orders. The Amazon seller notifications contain no customer information. For the most part it really doesn’t matter to the folks processing and shipping orders, they just take a web order and staple it to an amazon seller notification print out and off it goes.

However, for handling any kind of issues, cancellations, etc. we have no way unless we open up the amazon dashboard and start matching up names, which isn’t going to happen this time of year.

So, my question is: Is there any way to put the amazon order # on the web order that you send us? There is just no way of matching up your web orders with Amazon’s seller notifications.

Thanks as usual


Hi Bob (or should I say, Bobito, Luchador Extraordinaire!),

Delighted it’s going well for you!

@jbw is looking into adding this as a field to be shown in the order listing in GWO, as well as displaying it on the pick lists.

We’ll be in touch again when it’s ready for download.

Thanks for the feedback.


Hi Bob,

We have just released a feature that will allow you to easily distinguish between Amazon orders and others.

Indeed, for Amazon orders, you should see a popup window giving you the Amazon order number when you pull in at the Point Of Sales through Get Web Orders.

Hope this helps.

Hi Bob,

We have released a new version of GetWebOrders that facilitates the differentiation between regular orders and Amazon ones. Please feel free to download and install the bundle from this address: WebSell Support - Download Area

The way it works is that in GetWebOrders, there is a new column called marketplace Order # which displays the Amazon order ID alongside our order number if there is one of course, otherwise (like for regular orders) the column is simply empty.

Please remember to install the bundle and not just GetWebOrders.