Amazon 403. Shipping and Tracking Numbers on Amazon

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This option is available to RMS POS users only.

Amazon Seller Rating
Amazon generates a Seller Rating for you automatically based on the orders you fulfil. An order that completes satisfactorily gives you a 100 points, orders that generate minor problems (late dispatch and message response greater than 24 hours) gain no points, orders that generate moderate problems loose you 100 points and orders that generate severe problems loose you 500 points.

What is less known is that an exceptional order gets an extra 10 points. One of the requirements for this extra 10 points is that you need to give Amazon a tracking number.

Our integration now allows you to do this directly from your RMS POS. This shipping tracking number is then forwarded to Amazon and added to the order while we mark the order as shipped.

How to do this

  1. In your POS press Shift and F1 at the same time to open the shipping window;
  2. At the top of the window (1.) select the carrier you are going to use. If you skip this step then the carrier company ‘Other’ will appear on the Amazon Order;
  3. At the bottom of the window (2.) enter the tracking number that you want to appear on the Amazon order;
  4. Tender the order!

If you forget to enter the tracking number before tendering it can still be entered on Amazon Seller Central. You won’t be able to avail of the 10 points if the order is marked as shipped before you enter the tracking information!

Amazon have a list of companies that they know of. Shipping companies not on their list get marked as ‘Other’. We match your carrier against the Amazon list. If it is there we use the Amazon code otherwise we tell Amazon you are using an Other shipping carrier. For us to be able to do this your Carrier name must relate to the carrier company (so if you use Royal Mail or USPS then ensure that these are in the carrier name).