Including the UPS Tracking Number in Order E-Mails


Is it possible to automatically supply the customer with a link to the UPS tracking number when an order is shipped, or alternatively, when an order is processed?

Yes, to do so, you need to use a more advanced NSc Mail order-processed template. . The two advanced templates (one for dollars and the other for Euro, depending on the RMS currency used) include the shipping information from RMS, and are installed by default in the following path:

C:\Program Files\NitroSell\NSc Sync - RMSSO\Data\MailTemplates\samples\processed_enhanced_dollars_with_tracking.xml

C:\Program Files\NitroSell\NSc Sync - RMSSO\Data\MailTemplates\samples\processed_enhanced_euros_with_tracking.xml

To use one of these templates instead of the default template, choose the appropriate file, rename it to processed.xml, then move it into the parent directory, replacing the existing file:

C:\Program Files\NitroSell\NSc Sync - RMSSO\Data\MailTemplates\

Then in NSc Sync, from the NSc Sync File dialog menu, select Rescan Template List. The mail template will now extract the carrier and tracking ID data from RMS, so ensure that this information is set correctly in RMS before tendering the Web Order.

In RMS Store Operations (Database > Shipping Carriers > Properties > General > Tracking URL), specify the tracking link as the URL of the tracking service, and leave the shipping number blank. For example, the UPS tracking page link is the following:

When tendering a WebOrder at the POS, select Shift + F1 to enter the tracking number:

Once you have input the number into RMS it will appear on the order-processed e-mai, as follows :

Note: By default, the tracking number will always be appended to the end of the carrier tracking URL. You should ensure your tracking URL’s are constructed with this in mind.

See also: Providing Shipping Information in the Order History Page

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