View Order Detail Page

View Order Index Page

The View Order Detail Page

To Navigate to View Orders, you will find it at the bottom of the ‘Payments’ tab in your WSM

This posts describes the Order Detail page that is displayed in the WSM View Orders page when an order is selected from the order listing page or a pinned tab in the navigation bar.

Clicking on the Order List in the navigation bar will return you to the Order Listing page.

#1 Shipping Details

The address given by the customer at the checkout (or by Amazon if an Amazon order);

#2 Phone and Email

For webstore orders you will have any details given by the customer at checkout. In the case of Amazon orders you will see an Amazon email rather than the customers direct email. This is because Amazon won’t give you their customers direct email. The temporary email issue by Amazon will get forwarded to the client by Amazon, presumable after they ensure it satisfies their requirements.

#3 Order Details

  • Order Date : it is important to remember that you store operates on Universal Time not the time zone that you store is located in.
  • Requested Shipping : the shipping method the customer selected;
  • Sales Channel : this will say either Amazon or WebStore;
  • Order Status : see here for the various order status;
  • Username : orders made through your webstore will cause a username to be generated as long as the customer isn’t a guest customer. This username will link to the #View Customer’ page in the WSM.
  • Payment : in webstore orders this will be the payment type the customer used to pay for their order;

#4 Money

This is breakdown of the order including shipping and tax.

#5 Packing Slip

This button will summon the print interface of the machine you are on and offer you a preview of the packing slip. This packing slip isn’t customisable at the moment.

#6 Order Basket

Each line in the basket is an product type ordered by the customer. The name of the product will link to that product page in your webstore.