Please remind my what category (item-type) Field mapping I should use

Hi guys

Just need a reminder and nothing in the forum is leaping out to me as to the field mapping needed in the amazon portal to set a DEPARTMENT (not store) amazon category. We still have many suppressed items in Amazon with the error shown here:

This error usually occurs among many items of the same type (O Gauge Train Locomotives) for example. I want to set our department mapping in our nitrosell amazon field mappings to match the category for amazon. I can’t seem to find a field mapping that corresponds to what amazon calls Category (item-type).



EDIT: Turns out my first stab at this was close but not perfectly correct. This original post has now been amended.

The value that goes into item type is picked from a spreadsheet that Amazon supplies called a Browse Node Tree or a BTG for short.

Each product type has its own BTG. They can be downloaded from here Amazon You are looking for the Toys & Games file.

On the second tab of the file is a table. Use find to find a keyword in the item you are trying to push to Amazon. in your case I did a find for train and got this part of the table:

The values Amazon are looking for are the item_type_keywords. So for a train freight car you need to enter the code hobby-train-freight-cars.

You can then enter this value one of several ways. You can either create a field in PAM called browse nodes or you can enter the value as an override for the department/ category in question.

Because of the way your store is organised you might be better off going with the mapping field in PAM. Follow these steps:

  1. Create a string attribute in Nsc PAM called AMZItemType;
  2. Populate this field with values from the BTG. I would only do the fields for the products that are suppressed;
  3. Map it in NscSync to a product marketplace field (I suggest marketplace field 3);
  4. Map marketplace field 3 to product/itemtype in the Amazon Data Mappings tab. I would do this at store level.

If you need help with any of the mappings just yell!


HI James

Perfect. I will give this a try, but before I do a question popped up regarding the refinement attributes Amazon wants for those item type keywords i.e. Hobby Train Freight Cars. The refinement attributes being target_audience and Scale_name. I already supply the target audience info from PAM (and Age) because those field mappings were easy to find. If I add a PAM attribute called Scale where do you think it needs to be mapped in Field Mappings? Field Mappings/Product/Product Data/ToysBaby/Scale or Field Mapping/Product/DescriptionData/OtherItemAttributes_0??



my reply to you is a guess, the only way to be sure is to try both and see what works best.

If it was my store I would insert scale into the Product/ProductData/ToysBaby/Scale field because it is part of the toysbaby categorization and therefore more likely to refer to the field found in the BTG.

The other field you mentioned is a generic field open to all products as it is not under the ProductData branch of the tree. If I has designed the Amazon system I think that I would have item type specific fields under the categorization type relating to that item - so toys that have a scale would use the scale field under toysbaby.

Sorry that I don’t have any definite answer for you!


Bob, I turned the reply I gave you into a forum post linked from the Amazon index page. It contains links that might be useful to you.