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When we are doing variation data for matrix items you are asked to populate producttype/TYPE/VariationData/Parentage

Where all your products in the relevant store are matrix items you simply insert the word child into the override. Where you have mixed matrix and non-matrix items you need something cleverer:

Set up a field mapping in NScSync to push the following mapping to a webstore field (marketplace_text#, where # is between 1-20 – the number of currently available marketplace text fields, used to supplement your data for Amazon):
case when ISNULL((select TOP 1 ItemClassID from itemclasscomponent inner join itemclass on where and classtype=0),-Item.ID ) > 0 then 'child' else '' end

Then map this field to the Parentage of the product feed. It will populate the field in the product feed appropriately with either child or an empty string.

Does this need to be done at store level if our store has a variety of matrix and non-matrix items? Also, does anything need to mapped in SKU under Parent Product?

In KB article #717, it states:
“The actual process of informing Amazon about a matrix item is done by feeding the individual matrix items to Amazon like an ordinary product, then, when this is successful, we feed Amazon the parent item. Last of all we inform Amazon about the relationship between the matrix item and its parent.
1.Feed matrix child items to Amazon;
2.Feed matrix parent item to Amazon;
3.Inform Amazon of the relationship between the two items;”

So, does this mean that none of the parent product fields get mapped until the item successfully gets pushed to Amazon as an individual item? Once they are listed as individual items, then should I fill out the parent variation data,
like this:
In ProductData/OPTION/VariationData/Parentage - enter the override ‘parent’;
In ProductData/OPTION/VariationData/VariationTheme - enter on of the acceptable themes as described in field restrictions (Size/Color or Color/Size).
Does it matter which format is used for the variation theme, if my colors are in Subdescription 1 and size is in Subdescription 2 in RMS? Also, some of my matrix items do not show any size or color on Amazon. Does this mean I have to use the color map and size map fields? Do I map them under product data for the child?

If the listings are currently incorrect or getting errors in the parent feed, to fix them, should I undo parent mappings, remove them from Amazon, and start over? Some of my items are showing as active in Seller Central, but when I click on them to verify that the correct data is showing, I get a 404 error that they are not on Amazon.


On parent items.
Unless you set the parent item feed to forced we won’t actually send the parent feed until the product it deals with is successfully pushed - so go ahead and map all the products you want, our platform won’t break, it will sensibly feed Amazon all the information you give it in the correct order.

On variation data.
The VariationTheme is fixed by Amazon. If Amazon call the theme SizeColor then you simply set the variation theme to that. The order you have it in your POS won’t matter as you map the Colour mapping from one place in your DB and the Size mapping from a different place in your DB.

Errors in the parent feed.
As far as I am aware there is only one error that requires you to take down items on Amazon. That is where you set the product type to one value then wish to change it to a different type. All other errors simply require you to fix the data or the mapping. As soon as values change for an item the new value is fed automagically to Amazon.

@peter_szczepanowski and @vito_delarosa are both experts at this and will be pleased to help you setting up matrix items on Amazon.


Hi Jessie,

we can schedule some time to resolve those issues. Maybe we can re-open Your Amazon ticket and continue our conversation there?