204 Amazon Mapping Wizards

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As part of our tools to help you map your data to Amazon we have brought out 2 wizards…

  1. Amazon Mapping Wizard;
  2. Amazon Advanced Mapping Wizard

###Amazon Mapping Wizard

The Mapping Wizard will bring you through the basic mappings that are required by every store. It will prompt you to show where you keep the basic information such as name, price and stock levels for the products in your catalogue. By filling out this information NitroSell is able to push products that are already in the Amazon catalogue to Amazon.

###Amazon Advanced Mapping Wizard

The Advanced Mapping Wizard is the next step. It allows you to explain which Amazon category you believe your products belong. By doing this you open up part of the mapping interface which is Amazon category specific. So by deciding that all the products in a particular department belong in the Amazon category apparel, you will be able to map apparel specific fields such as size, colour, etc.

###Re-launching Wizards
If you are looking for where to launch the wizards once you have completed them then look at the bottom of the tools tab where this interface can be found. Clicking on the green button will re-launch the wizard.