508 Amazon Browse Node IDs and Item Type Keywords

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The different Amazon marketplaces work slightly differently. The US marketplace supports both browse node IDs and item type keywords whereas the EU marketplaces only use browse node IDs. What these are, how to find them and how to use them are described below.

Amazon also provides product classifier tools in order to make finding this information easier.

Browse Node IDs

What is a Browse Node ID?

A browse node ID is an indication to Amazon of where to place your product on Amazon.

Where to get a browse Node ID

Browse Tree Guides (BTGs) are category-specific documents that provide browse node IDs that you associate with your products so that Amazon knows where to place your products on their web site.

These documents are presented in the form of excel sheets at the links provided below. Please note that the browse nodes for the US and EU market places are NOT the same.

How to Use a Browse Tree Guide

When you download the file for the category you are selling into, go to the second tab in the file and use the find functionality in Excel to locate your item type. The number in the left most column is the browse node id and should be entered into a PAM field for the products in question. This then needs mapped to a product marketplace field in Nsc Sync and from there mapped to RecommendedBrowseNode in the Amazon Data Mapping tab.

Item Type and amazon.com

The amazon.com marketplace has an extra layer for placing your items. This is called the itemtype field. This is closely related to browse nodes. Using the same browse node guides you can locate an item type keyword for your products. Item type keywords are more specific than browse nodes.

Like browse nodes, enter them into a PAM field, map this field to a product marketplace field, then map this marketplace field to the field Product/DescriptionData/ItemType.

Note Amazon does not set this field are required. However, some retailers are having some products marked as suppressed on their Seller Central Inventory because of the lack of this field. We do not know why this only happens for some products. If it happens to you then entering item type as described above should *un-suppress’ the items.

##Product Classifier Tool
Amazon provide a tool to help locate browse nodes and item type keywords. Don’t try to use the product classifier for the wrong marketplace as the results they produce are marketplace specific. The links for these tools are below: