Amazon Email not coming through

Hi All

We normally get two emails from Amazon
1 The Sold Dispatch mail
2 The web order confirmation with all the customer details

From earlier today we are only getting the First Email the only changes that were made today which is not relevant is that all password log in were changed


Hi David,
Thanks for reporting this issue to us. We disabled those emails as it was upsetting Amazon.

Please refer to this thread for more information: Amazon says it doesn't want our Nitrosell automatic Emails to continue

Also, for Amazon orders you now get a popup window informing you about that. We will soon release a new version of GetWebOrders that will provide an even easier way of distinguishing Amazon orders from the regular ones.


Hi David,

Just to inform you that we have re-enabled the order confirmation email for Amazon orders.

In order not to upset Amazon, the receiver of those emails is your store address.

Also, we released a new version of GetWebOrders that provides a much cleaner way to differentiate Amazon orders and regular ones. You can download that version at this address: In the new version of GetWebOrders, there is an extra column called marketplace order ID which will be populated with the Amazon order ID if the order being processed is indeed an Amazon one.

I wish you a Merry Christmas in advance.

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P.S: Those costumes look awesome and we will be wearing them tonight!

Hi Franklin

Thanks a mill hope you had a great night ,
Have a Happy Christmas