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Memberships allow you to offer price levels to shoppers on your web store. This works by presenting a membership field to the shopper in the checkout panel which allows the shopper to add a membership to their basket. The membership will have a price level associated with it. All items in the shoppers basket will be updated to reflect the price level associated with the membership.
A form can be associated with the membership. The contents of this form must be filled out by the shopper. This is then emailed to the store email when the customer makes a purchase including the membership item.

Setting up Membership

The index above links a series of articles that will bring you through setting up membership on your store. It is relatively simple and does not require any technical skill beyond following the instructions as they are laid out.

In short you will:

  1. Set up membership items at your POS;
  2. Map certain customer fields in Nsc Sync;
  3. Set up the membership at your WSM;
  4. You’re good to go!

If you get into trouble please open a post on this forum or open an internal ticket and someone will be pleased to help you.

Limitations of Membership

At the moment this is only available to stores using RMS. If you need this functionality and are on a different POS solution please open a ticket with us expressing your desire.

RMS is not set up as a membership database and has no built in mechanism for reverting price level after a fixed amount of time. The two approaches to managing are discussed in the article entitled Managing Membership Expiry Dates.

Memberships Item versus Gift Membership Items

This functionality is designed to associate membership to an RMS customer. It is not suited to selling membership to third parties.

If you want to offer gift memberships, ie membership for someone that isn’t the shopper, we suggest making a Gift Membership item and using product customization to obtain any information you need on the product page.

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