Membership 103. Setting up Membership on the WSM

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###The Web Store Manager (aka WSM)

You set up memberships on your store through the WSM. you can find memberships under Marketing->Membership. Here you can:

  1. Set up a membership;
  2. View and edit existing memberships;
  3. Set up options associated with memberships;

To add a new Membership you can either click the green ‘Run Membership Wizard’ button on the overview page or the tab marked ‘Add membership’. Both bring you to the wizard that will step you through setting up a membership.

###The Membership Wizard
####Finding Membership Item(step 2/5)
The first thing we do is locate the membership item you created at your POS and Nsc Synced to your web store. The wizard is looking for the item lookup code you generated at your POS.

Note That an item can only be used by one membership at a time. If you are already using the item for another membership or the WSM can’t find the item you generated at your POS then ask for help with a support ticket.

####Configure Membership(step 3/5)
The next step of the wizard allows us to see the name and price of the membership item we created at the POS as well as allowing us to set the price level that this membership confers, the length of the membership and a switch allowing you to switch of the membership type.

You can change the membership name and price at your POS. If you want to set up a membership but not have it go live then don’t tick the Membership Active checkbox. You can always do this later.

####Add Membership Fields(step 4/5)
The next step of the wizard allows you to set up a form for getting information from your customer. You can add fields that require the input of string (sentences or words), integers (whole numbers), floats (numbers with decimal places), emails or booleans (checkboxes).

The checkout will ensure that the fields are filled with the correct type of information.

Each of these fields can be required or not.

Once you have saved the fields you required complete the wizard. You can modify existing fields later in the membership summary tab.

Next Step - The Membership Summary Tab


we do not have this tab on our wsm? why is that?

sorry, this was supposed to be hidden until the feature was made live! A bit of a chicken and egg thing in this age of instant communication - do I write the supporting forum articles before or after the feature goes live?

The feature is in testing at the moment, should be a blog article when it goes live later this week/ early next week.



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