Membership 301. Viewing a customer membership on your POS

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###Where to View Customer Membership
When a customer has taken out a membership on your web store, the details of that membership are passed down and added to that customers record on your POS. The membership item lookup code of the membership is added to one of the custom text fields and the expiry date of their membership is added to the other field.

The fields that these are added to are set in the membership settings tab of the WSM as described here.

###Manually Adding a Membership to a Customer in RMS
If you already have a customer that has bought something on the webstore and want to add a membership to their record then follow the following steps:

  1. In WebStore Manager open menu Database->Customer;
  2. Click on the additional tab;
  3. Enter the item lookup code of the membership you want the customer to be a member of;
  4. Add an expiry date for the customer. This date needs to be in the format YYYY-MM-DD. Please note the 2 digits required for month and day so New Years day is 2015-01-01.
  5. Nsc Sync;

See here for how to set caption names for the membership additional fields. This is purely cosmetic and has no effect on the integration working.

###Membership Price Level
At the moment, a NitroSell web order will set the price level of a customer on your RMS. It will not unset the price level at the expiry date of the membership. You need to have an in-store mechanism for resetting the price level of a customer when their expiry date is up.