Membership 101. Setting Up a Membership at your POS

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The following procedure needs followed for each membership type that you want to offer. Certain aspects of the membership (name and price) are set in RMS while other aspects (expiry date and fields associated with the membership form) are set in the web store manager.

Creating a Membership Item at your POS

  1. Create a standard item at your POS;
  2. Give the item the name that you want to appear on the store; In RMS you add the item name to the Description Field. Keep a note of the item lookup code you assign this item to as you will need to enter it later in the web store manager (General Tab).
  3. Give the item the price you want the customer to pay for it (Pricing tab);
  4. At a stock level to the membership item (Inventory Tab). Set it nice and high!
  5. Make the item available on your webstore (Options Tab);
  6. Sync the item to your webstore (Nsc Sync);

Locating Membership on your Web Store

There are two approaches to membership. The first its that you create a department or category and insert the membership items into that location.

The second option is that you hide membership item so that they can only be added to the shoppers basket on the checkout page. In this scenario don’t place the membership items in a department or category as you don’t want customers to be able to put them into their basket while browsing your store.

Next Step - Setting up Field Mappings in Nsc Sync