Membership 201. What the Customer Sees on the Webstore

Membership Index

Adding a Membership to the Basket

The shopper can browse to your membership category and add a membership item to their basket. Prices in their basket will now reflect the membership they will be buying. If they remove the membership item from their basket the prices will revert to the standard price.

Note 1 Shoppers must have registered or logged in for the price level in the basket to reflect the membership.

Note 2 If shoppers add multiple membership items to their basket the store doesn’t know which membership accrued price level to give the customer.

The Web Store Checkout

When you have configured memberships the customer will see a new Membership panel on the checkout page. This is highlighted in red in the image below.

The first thing the panel does is check if the customer is already part of a membership, and if so, is the membership expired or not. In effect the customer is in one of the following states:

  1. Not a member;
  2. Is a member of MEMBERSHIPNAME;
  3. Is an expired member of MEMBERSHIPNAME;
  4. Is a member or an inactive or unknown membership

Depending on the customer status a different panel is displayed. If the customer already has a membership then his price level should reflect that granted by the membership. Otherwise the customer gets the standard price.
When the customer selects a membership, the membership item is added to his basket and the price level conferred by that membership is made available potentially updating the price levels of the items already in the basket.

  • The Membership added is highlighted in red;
  • The form associated with the membership (high lighted in blue) is displayed;
  • The price level of the other items in the basket is updated to reflect the price level granted by the membership (high lighted in green);

If a field in the membership form is required then the customer won’t be able to pay until they fill out the field.