Membership 102. Setting up Field Mappings in Nsc Sync

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Note This post only applies to stores started before March 2015. The customer custom text fields are now part of the default NscSync mappings.

##Field Mappings
The customer field mappings for Membership are not set up in Nsc Sync by default. Setting them up is simply a process of following the instructions below. you will need to do this twice, once for the field that you want the membership type to go into and once for the field you want the membership expiry date to go into.

  1. In Nsc Sync, click the Configuration button;
  2. Left click the Field Mappings on the left hand side;
  3. Open the Customer field with a left click;
  4. Right click on the Customer table and select ‘Add Field->Add Standard Field’
  5. In the remote field Name enter ‘customer_customertext#’ where # is the number (1-5) of the field you will be saving the membership item name in (at this stage);
  6. At the button use the little down arrow beside the Functions button to ‘Insert Field’;
  7. Select ‘String’;
  8. Select ‘customer.CustomText#’ where # is a number between 1 and 5 that you entered at step 5 above;

    Confirm, validate and save your mapping. On the next sync and values in these fields will be sent to your store.

Note Avoid custom field 4 and 5 which are used by default for the customer username and password.

Next Step - Setting up Membership on the WSM