Membership 104. Summary Tab

Membership Index

The Membership Tab

This tab allows you to view and edit the memberships that you have created for your web store. Each membership type has its own entry. By clicking in the different entries you can see the details of that membership type.

You can also edit the price level associated with a membership, whether a membership type is active or not and the different membership fields that will be displayed at the checkout step. When ever you modify a membership field the save button will go green. Remember to click it if you want your changed saved! you can only modify a single membership field at a time.

You can also delete a membership type here. In most scenarios it is better to de-activate a membership rather than delete it as the checkout will check if a membership type if active or not before offering discounts.

You can also change the order that the memberships are displayed at the checkout by dragging the memberships into the order you wish to see displayed.

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