Loyalty 104 Enter your Credentials into the WSM

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Entering your bLoyal Credentials into the WSM

The WSM Loyalty interface is found under the Marketing menu.

Here you need to select the loyalty provider you wish to use. To disable loyalty on your web store simply select None (Loyalty Support Disabled), your credentials are saved and will still be available when you choose to switch loyalty back on.

bLoyal Configuration

For loyalty to work inside NitroSell you need to fill out the configuration fields.

  1. bLoyal Domain: bLoyal will give you this field;
  2. Director Store Code: in bLoyal director you, or bLoyal support, will set up various devices that use the loyalty service. This field takes the Code that you set up for your store as shown in the following image. To see the code you have set for your store go to the Director Channels Tab, then select the Stores entry on the left, finally select your Store.
  3. Director Web Store Device Key: in bLoyal Director you, or bLoyal support will set up two devices associated with your store, the POS terminal and the web store. The device key you are looking for is that associated with the web store.
  4. Director User Account Name: in bLoyal Director click on the Setup link in the top right hand corner. There you can select user accounts and use the Username associated with the account as in the image below.
  5. Director User Password: in bLoyal Director you can change your user password in the interface as shown in the image below.
  6. Default Subscriber Group: when setting up bLoyal you will need to create a default Subscriber group that your shoppers will be subscribed to. You will use this group to define the benefits that can accrue to the shoppers. This is where you enter the default group that shoppers will be signed up for. You can see your bLoyal subscriber groups in Director by selecting the Customers tab and then the Subscriber Groups on the left.
  7. bLoyal Web service. Enter ws.bloyal.com into this field unless bLoyal tell you otherwise. You might notice this field updating itself from time to time.

When you have entered the various credentials, click the Save button. The WSM will then contact bLoyal and verify the credentials you have entered. Please be patient as it might take a few moments. When the credentials have been verified, you’ll be informed of the result.

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