Loyalty 100 How to add Loyalty to your Web Store

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How to Add Loyalty to your Web Store

Loyalty on the NitroSell is supported through the use of a third party called bLoyal. This is a service that bLoyal charges for. You will need to contact bLoyal to create an account. Explain that you have a NitroSell web store and they’ll know exactly what you need.

Supported POS Platforms

At the moment bLoyal only supports RMS stores.


These are the steps that you’ll take to get loyalty working on your web store. Each of the steps is a link that will bring you to a page that describes that step in detail.

  1. Create an account with bLoyal
  2. Set up the bLoyal software on your POS
  3. Create your Loyalty Scheme
  4. Enter your bLoyal credentials into the WebStore Manager
  5. Run a test transactions

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