Loyalty 303 Existing Customers with no Email Addresses

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Existing Customers with no Email Addresses

The more common situation is that you have a database of customers with either no or few emails. Customers that don’t have a way of identifying who they are to your web store will be forced to create new accounts.

New Accounts are not Aware of Loyalty Point Totals

These new accounts will not be aware of any loyalty points that customer already has. This in turn can lead to disappointment when the customer registers on the web store and finds that the store isn’t aware of their loyalty point total.

The Customer Record Life-cycle

If the customer registers a new account on the web store, their order will be downloaded to the POS, GWO will try to find matching customers on your system. Your POS user will have to be alert to not creating duplicate accounts for customers in RMS. If the customer that placed the on line order is merged with an existing customer in RMS, this merged customer record is then passed back to the webstore and from now on the customer will have their loyalty points.

Alternative Strategies

Instead of going through the heartache of dealing with disappointed customers for which you have no emails or usernames you can generate a unique username and password for each customer.

This then needs communicated to your customer base through a marketing campaign.

This requires a bit of expertise that your RMS provider (or other friendly SQL wizard) may be able to provide.

First set a unique username for each customer that the username knows. Perhaps their first name concatenated with their last name.

You then need to set a password for each person. This could be the persons ZIP code or other data you have on the customer that they know. An even simpler approach is to set a default password that everyone knows - eg set everyone’s password to password.

Enter this data into the fields that NitroSell expects to find them in - see here.

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