Loyalty 105 Run Test Transactions

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Run Test Transactions

To ensure that the integration is working as you require it to we strongly suggest that you try out the two tests set out below. This will cover the main use cases that will occur on most stores.

Test Run 1 - a New Customer

1 .Go to your web store, add an item to your basket that will cause a customer to accrue a loyalty benefit;
2. Then either go to the checkout page and fill out your details or use the register button to create a new account;
3. Once you have successfully created a new account, check bLoyal director for the customer, you should be able to find the customer there;
4. Make the purchase, Sync your store and open the order on your POS using GWO;
5. GWO should not be able to recognize the customer and invite you to create a new customer record in RMS;
5. When you tender the order, the bLoyal Store Connector will open up and try to match the customer. It should be able to find the customer that the web store created;
6. The order will be amended so that the total matches that paid by the customer in the store;

Test Run 2 - an Existing Customer with a Username or Email

See this post on existing customers and the challenges these bring.

  1. In bLoyal director look up an existing customer and ensure that the customer exists. If the customer isn’t in bLoyal Director you have a problem with the bLoyal Store Connector - talk to bLoyal;
  2. On your webstore, log in as the existing customer;
  3. Add an item to your web basket that will result in a loyalty reward;
  4. Go to the checkout and ensure the customer is getting the expected loyalty reward;
  5. Purchase the item;
  6. NscSync your store;
  7. Use GWO to download the order;
  8. Run the transaction, bLoyal will kick in allowing the user to locate the customer on the bLoyal servers, then calculate the discount. The resulting amount should match what the was paid on the web store checkout.

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