Blog 303. Modifying Existing Categories and Articles

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Modifying Existing Categories and Articles
Categories and articles can be modified through the WSM. Go to Page Content, click on the one you want to modify and the editor will open up so you can modify your text.
If you want to change the properties — enable/disable comments, change the author email, change the blog category, or enable/disable a tab link — or even delete the article/category, you can do it from the dropdown on the right-hand-side of the editor’s menu bar (highlighted in the image above).

Can you explain how to find the blog posts that were created as extra tabs on the home page? and how do you delete these?


thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will fix this shortly so that you will be able to see the tabbed blog items from the blog tab in the WSM->Pages interface.


PS - moving to responsive would improve your store a lot!


that change has gone live. If you go to the content management page you can now see a blog tab. In there you can edit or show/ hide blog articles.

I have hidden the empty blog articles for you. To delete them you need to go to the blog tab, click the article you wish to edit(delete) and on the edit page, remove the article using the drop down menu.


Is it possible move photos around within the article? I’m able to input them, but I’m not able to resize them or move them once they are in the article.