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The Blog Category Panel

The blog category panel is a list of all the blog categories that you create using the Pages functionality in the WSM.

If you create blog articles without bothering to sort them into categories then remove the NitroScript {include:BlogCategoryPanel} from the Blog Landing Page template as the panel will have no blog categories to display.

Each entry in the blog category list is a link to blog category page.

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Is there a way to alphabetize the categories on the blog landing page? Mine are showing up chronologically and I would prefer them to be listed in alphabetical order. I have tried dragging and dropping them in the blog management window but haven’t found a way for them to show up correctly on the blog landing page.

Hi Kevin,

I don’t believe there is currently. The blog is designed to be chronological. Maybe we can migrate that content to be regular content pages instead, it seems more appropriate.

Be best to open a ticket please.