How do I Edit Existing Content Pages

To edit existing pages, perform the following steps:

From the WebStore Manager navigation menu, under Management, select Page Content. Select the tab for the type of page you wish to edit, then select the page name.

An editor is launched in which you can edit the content for the page. Use the convenient buttons and pull-down menus at the top of the page to customize your page content.

To view or edit the HTML for this page, click .

When you have finished editing the page, click Update, then from the main editor view, save the file by clicking and close the HTML editor.

A preview of the page is displayed. Select to either make the page live on your WebStore or to continue editing.


You can discard changes to page content by closing the HTML editor without saving the changes to the edited file.

You can also load the HTML content for an existing page by copying and pasting the HTML into the HTML view.

how do you edit the url? we modified an old theme page and need to change the url


To edit the URL go the the drop-down: ‘Select Action’ and choose ‘Edit Properties’ .

A modal window will appear. Under ‘SEO Attributes (Optional)’ you can change the URL.

The content URLs need to be in version 1 or higher.

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