Editing New Pages on your Webstore

When you add a custom content page, a new tab is created in your WebStore?s navigation system that enables you to access it. However, department content pages are exceptions to this rule; content for such pages can only be accessed when a Web customer clicks the department links on the WebStore ?store navigation? panel. The image below illustrates the various navigation elements that are available in your WebStore.

For example, to add a new tabbed content page, perform the following steps:

From the WebStore Manager navigation menu, under Management, select Page Content. Select the Tabbed Pages tab. The Tabbed Page Management page is displayed.
Select add a new page or external link.

From the Page Type pull-down list, select Custom Content Page.

For Page Title, enter the title of the page you wish to add.

Click Save.

An editor is launched in which you can create the content for the page. Use the convenient buttons and pull-down menus at the top of the page to customize your page content. To directly create or view the HTML coding for this page, click .

When you have completed your changes, click Update.

When you have finished editing the page, from the main editor view, save the file by clicking . The editor is closed and a preview of your edited page is displayed. Select to either make the change live on your WebStore, or to continue editing. When you make the page live, the page is added to your WebStore?s tab navigation system. Following is an example of the resulting page:

In this example, the Articles, Brands, Links, and Policies pages have all been added using the above steps.

How do I remove a tabbed page??

Hey Matt,

For most tabbed pages, you can open them in the editor, then choose Delete Page from the – Select Action – dropdown menu at the top of the interface.

There are three special pages – Home, About Us, and Contact Us – that are built-in to the store. Let us know if you’d like to delete any of them and we can do it for you.


When I check “show on mobile” I expected a new “tab” in the footer on my mobile site. What template(s) do i reset to enable this?