WSM Option: Allow Zero Price B2B


B2B Pricing is a way of offering selected customers special prices.

All POS systems have a standard price.
We create a WebPrice in the default NscPAM.
In RMS there are 3 B2B price levels.
In CRE there are 24 B2B price levels.

Standard Platform Behaviour

The default behaviour of the NitroSell platform is to offer a shopper the price associated with their price level. If the customer doesn’t have a price level they get the standard (or WebPrice) price level.

If the shopper has a price level, the store will see if the store has a price for that price level and offer that price level to the shopper if it is lower than the standard price level.

However, as a safety feature, if a price level has no value (in effect a price of 0) for an item, the store will instead offer the standard price level to the shopper.

Creating Free Items

This causes problems if you wish to offer items for free for customers with certain price levels. To get round this issue we have a special option in the WSM called ‘Allow Zero Price B2B’.

How to Enable the Feature

Because of the dangerous nature of this option you need to request that it be switched on by a NitroSell member. Before the option is enabled ensure that you have a value entered against all of your price levels for all of the items you are offering on your webstore. Remember, no value against a price level with this option means that the item if offered to the customer for FREE!