NitroSell eCommerce RMS HQ Support

##NitroSell eCommerce - Multi-Store Edition (RMS HQ)
Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) is available for both single store (RMS Store Operations [SO]) and multi-store (RMS Headquarters [HQ]) installations. RMS HQ provides additional functionality that enables you to centrally manage a chain of stores. Previously, NitroSell eCommerce only supported Store Operations, but with the release of our new Multi-Store Edition, we now also support RMS HQ.
##Installing NitroSell eCommerce – Multi-Store Edition
From an architectural standpoint, unlike in our Standard and Professional Editions, in the Multi-Store Edition both Sync and PAM are connected to the HQ database. The Multi-Store Edition will only work with RMS HQ and the Standard and Professional Editions should never be used in a HQ environment.
The following are the components of Multi-Store Edition:

  • HQ Server Sync: This component must be installed on a machine that is connected to the HQ database. The Product Attribute Manager (NSc PAM) must also be installed on this machine and configured to connect to the HQ database. Item pictures and extended descriptions must be set on the HQ database. Item pictures can be stored either directly on this machine or in a shared location that is accessible by this machine.
    Note: HQ Server Sync should always be connected to the HQ database.
  • HQ Client Sync: This is a cut-down version of the Sync application used with RMS Store Operations and must be a machine in the store designated for processing web orders. It can reside anywhere on the network, as long as this machine is connected to the Store Operations database. Only one instance of the HQ Client must be running at any given time. Get Web Orders (GWO) should be installed at this same location.
    Note: HQ Client Sync should always be connected to the Store Operations database (of the
    store in which the web orders need to be processed).

The Multi-Store Edition does not require the installation of HQ-specific Mail, NSc PAM, or GWO
applications. The versions of these applications that are bundled with NitroSell eCommerce
v2.0.0.26 (or later) are fully compatible with HQ.
Note: the PAM should be connected to the HQ database and Mail should be connected to the Store Operations database of the appropriate store.
##Upgrading to the Multi-Store Edition
There is currently no easy upgrade path from an existing Standard or Professional installation of NitroSell eCommerce to the Multi-Store Edition. To upgrade, you are required to purchase implementation services. Please contact your Partner Account Manager (PAM) for more information.

##Selecting Stores in Web store Manager
Once you have installed Microsoft RMS and Multi-Store Edition, in Web store Manager (Configuration > MultiStore) you can select which stores in your chain you want to enable. These stores will be displayed in the Check Stock drop-down list on your Web store.

##Using HQ Features in Your Web store
In Phase 1 of the Multi-Store Edition, in addition to the standard NitroSell eCommerce functionality, you can create a Web store that has basic “multi-store chain awareness”. The new features include the following:

  • Adding the ability to look up inventory stock in your local or nearest store (or any store of your choosing) on product pages: product pages on Multi-Store Edition web stores can contain a Check stock at your local store button, as shown below:
  • Adding a dynamic store locations page: You can add a special type of “dynamic” store location page using Web store Manager (Management > Page Content). The contents of this page are generated automatically based on the multi-store contact details in the RMS HQ database. However, you can completely customize (using NitroScript) the template used to generate the body of this page, if desired. Following is a sample of such a
  • With a minor NitroScript change, you can easily incorporate the thumbnails of storefronts
    into the generation of this page content. Telephone and fax numbers are displayed only if they are available. In addition, if you select a particular Map link on this page, a page similar to the following is displayed (again, this page is completely customizable using NitroScript):