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Offering Microsoft RMS Discount Schemes on Your WebStore

In addition to the Quantity discount scheme, NitroSell eCommerce supports the following Microsoft Dynamics RMS discount schemes:

  • Mix and Match
  • Buy X Get Y for Z

(Concerning the unfortunately named ‘item is not discountable at the POS’ option:

This option is a tick box found under item options in RMS Store Operations Manager. Rather than switching off discounts such as quantity discounts or mix-and-match discounts it switches off customer discounts. Customer discounts are percentage discounts granted to specific customers on a one by one basis. To give a customer one of these percentage discounts go to customer->customer options in RMS Store Operations Manager.)

Mix and Match

In RMS, Mix and Match enables you to define a pricing schedule that can be applied when multiple items are purchased.

For instance, if you sell four types of apples at $0.40 each, you could offer each apple at $0.35 if two apples are purchased, $0.30 if three are purchased, and so on. RMS does not support a scenario where different items are priced differently.

RMS limits you to four possible discount quantities. If the option Discount odd items is selected, quantities greater than the highest number specified are discounted by the same amount. If this option is not selected, quantities above the highest number specified are not discounted.

For example, if the highest quantity is five and is charged at $0.20 each and if Discount odd items is selected, the sixth and subsequent items will cost $0.20. If this option is not selected, the sixth and subsequent items are charged at the normal price, which is $0.40.

To set up Mix and Match in RMS Store Operations Manager, select Database, then Discounts, then click New.

Once a discount is created, it’s added to the list of discounts available:

You can then apply this discount to individual items by selecting Database, then Items. Select an item from the list, then click Properties. Select the Discounts tab:

When selecting the products to enter into a Mix and Match scheme, it is important that all the items in the scheme have the option ‘Item not discountable at the POS’ either switched on or off. It is very important that the scheme doesn’t have some items with this option switched on and other with the options switched off.

On the WebStore, Mix and Match works similarly to the Quantity discount scheme, which is already available. Upon adding items to the basket, or modifying item quantities in the basket, the available discounts are checked and applied if applicable.

When viewing items, Mix and Match discounts are displayed similarly to related items, with a message saying, 'Mix and Match with these items to avail of discounts’, as highlighted in the figure below. The Mix and Match discount table, which shows the levels of discounting, is also displayed in the item’s extended description.

The table shows only one price if assigned to that customer, the price level A, B, or C is automatically displayed.

On the first step of checkout, the shopper is notified that the discount has been applied, as well as the amount saved (as highlighted in red font below).

Buy X and Get Y for Z

This discount scheme enables shoppers to buy X quantity of an item at full price and to buy Y quantity of the same item at the discounted price of Z. For example, Buy One, Get One Free can be implemented by setting X to 1, Y to 1, and Z to $0.00.

The Y value specifies the number of items that can be bought at the discount price. In this case, if you were to order four items, two would be free. Percentage discounts are not available.

This type of discount is applied in RMS similarly to Mix and Match, by first creating it under Database > Discounts, then assigning it to items via Database > Items > Properties > Discounts.

The following example shows the application of a Buy One, Get One Free discount to the purchase of a tomato.

On the WebStore, it is illustrated by appending a Discount available message to the extended description, as highlighted in red font below:

It is also shown in the first step of the checkout, if the discount has been applied.

If more than one discount is applied to the basket, the discount message changes to Discounts applied, followed by a bulleted list of the discounts applied.

Enabling Discount Support in Your WebStore

To enable or disable each individual discount scheme, log in to NSc WebStore Manager (WSM). Under All Config Options, select WebStore, then select the Product tab. Your WebStore discounts are managed using the following options:

Select the checkbox to enable each individual discount scheme, specify a label to use when displaying related discount items, then click Save.

Support for the percentage-based discount schemes (“Mix and Match: Percent off” and “Buy X and get Y for Z: Percent off” ) introduced in RMS 2.0 is now available on the WebStore.

We have several notebooks that are buy one get one free but they are different prices. I was able to get the discounts working as stated above but how do I go about taking the lower cost notebook at 100% rather than the more expensive one?

Hi there,

I don’t believe that’s possible with the default RMS promotion type as the same limitation also applies to store based sales i.e. the discount is usually applied to the last item invoiced (seems silly but true).

A partial solution would be for you to group like priced models together in smaller mix and match groups, preventing mix and match across the entire range where the price differs by a larger degree.

@Nitrosell - perhaps it would be worth adjusting how you apply this rule so that the Z percentage/dollar off is only applied cheaper items within the group?

Thanks Andy.

Thanks for the feedback @andy . It’s certainly doable. If you’d like to open a ticket @forstallart (Andy, also!), we’d be happy to explore it for you as a customisation.