Loyalty 300 How Customer Records are Handled

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How Customer Records are Handled

Your primary customer database is your RMS database. This is the database that all others are fed from. It holds all the customers that you have dealt with since you started using RMS.

Your web store is fed new customers from your web store by Get Web Orders.

Your bLoyal Director account is fed these customers by the Store Connector.

When you download an order using GWO the customer that placed the order will either already exist on RMS or be created as a new record.

How this process works depends on whether the customer is new or existing on your system. This is dealt with in the following posts:

  1. Customers New to RMS, bLoyal and NitroSell
  2. Existing Customers with Email Addresses in RMS
  3. Existing Customer with no Email or Username-Password Combination

RMS Customer Records

By default customers in RMS have an account number. This is an incrementing integer. This can be useful for identifying where customers are first created. However, if these customers are updated by the being merged with customer records that come from the web store, their account number might be overwritten by the NitroSell username.

NitroSell Customer Records

NitroSell Usernames

The NitroSell platform will generate a username for your customers from their email address using the following rules:

  • Anything that isn’t a character is stripped from the email (@ and . will be removed);
  • The result is then truncated to 20 characters long;

Default Location of Username/ Password

The default set is is to store a customers username in custom field 4 and a customers password in customer field 5. You can see these setting in NscSync by clicking on Configuration and selecting Customers from the list on the left. Don’t change these settings, it will break your web store.

NitroSell Guest Customers

Guest customers are disabled when the bLoyal integration is switched on. Guest customers and loyalty don’t mix, we need a customer record in order to grant loyalty rewards.

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